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Sign up for group classes using the tool below. 

If you are a new client, or you have not completed your initial trainings with Amy, you cannot sign up for group class. Please contact Amy for your initial consult or questions.

Sundays 1130AM @ New Cumberland Borough Park

Sundays 1PM @ The Dog Pack Farm 


Mondays 1030AM @ Shank Park, Hummelstown 

Mondays 6PM @ Simpson Park, Mechanicsburg

(Mondays 7PM @ Tractor Supply, Enola -- starting in November)


Tuesdays 630PM @ George Park, Harrisburg (October)

Tuesdays 7PM @ Tractor Supply, Harrisburg


Wednesdays 9AM @ City Island, Harrisburg 


Saturdays 9AM @ Valley Meadows, Carlisle & Spring Meadows, Boiling Springs 

Saturdays 1030AM @ Fort Hunter, Harrisburg 

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