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Gracie Gris is Shy

Updated: May 11

Gracie Gris is a young spayed female that originally came from a hoarding situation and was at the shelter when adopted by a single, older person with another senior dog. Gracie is very skittish and scared but super sweet. She has started to open up and become more social and outgoing. Gracie loves to hop in the car and go for a ride and walk with other dogs and people. She is more comfortable around dogs that she is people but through dogs she is learning that people are approachable too. She is crate trained and quiet but she has potty training issues. Because of coming from a hoarding situation, she will eliminate on carpet or towels. She is learning to do her business outside on stone and grass and will keep it under control as long as a rug or towel are not present. Doggie U LLC is currently fostering her and will continue to work on changing this behavior. Gracie Gris would do best in a quiet home with pre-teen/teenage children and with other animals. Her new owners need to understand her past and continue to work on her socialization as well as potty training. She is available for adoption and if interested please contact Doggie U LLC directly.

FEBRUARY is the month of LOVE ....Gracie loves to be near her people. She is starting to come out of her shell more and wanting to seek attention from other people. She loves to be around other dogs too. Gracie is doing very well on her potty training and has gone almost a month with no accidents. Would you consider adding Gracie into your lives? She is in search of her furever home. Gracie and Daisy are now friends and spend time together. Gracie enjoys the company of others and it is helping to bring her out of her shell more. She is doing much better on her potty training and has not had an accident in the house all month long. Please share her information and lets spread the love.

MARCHING on... Gracie is really coming out of her shell

and enjoying going for walks and meeting new friends. She is still having an occasional accident but is doing much better with her crate training and potty training. She is now taking treats and is working on her basic commands.

SHOWERING THEM WITH PRAISE IN APRIL...Gracie is doing GREAT on her potty training and has had 2 full weeks of no accidents in the house. She loves to go for car rides and meet the other people and their dogs. She is now taking treats and working in class.

APRIL 2023 -- It has been a full year since our last post and Gracie is still looking for her furever home. She is now crate trained, does her business outside, eats her food with enthusiasm. She tolerates grooming -- daily brushing and getting her nails did. She is quiet but loves to play with her buddy Banjo. Gracie would do well in a home with other dogs or animals that she can interact with and play. No small children as she is not a cuddler and will freak if they try to grab her. She does like to receive affection from her people. Gracie loves to go for walks and car rides and spend time outside in the sunshine. She walks well on the leash and likes to chew on a bone from time to time. So all in all she has gone from scared of everything to a pretty well rounded and adjusted dog. She is ready for your to love her. For more information on Gracie, please contact

MAY 2023 ~~ Gracie is ready to go! She is now approaching people and allowing them to pet her. She is great on walks and car rides. Gracie is doing much better with her potty issues and if allowed out every two hours (if not in the crate) she does not have any accidents in the house. Gracie loves other dogs and would do well with active dogs who like to play. She is good around cats and other animals as well. She does well with older children as she is not a fan of being grabbed or children sticking their face in her face...but then again...who is?

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