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ADOPTED Oreo needs a place to crash

Updated: Feb 5

Oreo is back on the market looking for a place to call his own. He loves his people and is learning to have better manners in public. Ideally a fenced in yard and no other animals would be best. If you want to learn more about Oreo, he is available through Canine Rescue of Central PA.

PUPDATE on OREO -- Oreo is back at Canine Rescue of Central PA by no fault of his own. Owner had to move and could not take him with to the new apartment due to breed discrimination. Oreo is making great progress with his behavior and attention. He is doing much better walking on leash and not pulling. It only takes two to walk him now, instead of 5...hahaha...that is an inside joke. He is learning to wait and coming when called. He is now taking treats in public spaces and we are making progress with a better connection with him. Oreo can be reactive to cars that drive-by to quickly or are too loud. I cannot blame him, as I react poorly too. He is affectionate with his people and likes going for car rides and long walks. He can get too focused and fixated on other animals when out and about. This is what his team of care givers is working on with him. He has been known to be an escape artist and gotten into a scrap or two with dogs walking by in the neighborhood. We do not want that to continue so we are working on his social skills.

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