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How it Works

Every dog is different and every situation is unique, and our job is to train you to handle your situation best.

The goal with training by Doggie U LLC is to have a social, well-adjusted dog who can interact with people and other animals appropriately, in all situations and settings.


Training curriculum is specifically designed to suit your abilities and life-style. 


Doggie U does NOT train with shock collars or prong collars, as these cause more problems than they solve by creating pressure and developing anxiety in your dog.  Instead, we work on creating a positive experience that helps to develop trust and confidence in both you and your dog.


What to Expect

Step 1: Video conference call - We start with a video conference call so we can learn more about your situation, your dog, and explain to you the Doggie U process. With payment of your consultation fee, you will receive access to the first four online lessons. If you choose to move forward with working with Doggie U, you will pay a one-time-payment for 1 year of training and online training access (first year fee waived), and set up your first in-person lesson. Learn how how set up a conference call here. 

Step 2: In-Person lessons - Doggie U will come to you and work with you on the fundamentals. These are the first 6-7 lessons. This also includes support via text messages, telephone calls, or emails to assist with questions or further guidance for the lessons.  Once you “graduate” from one-on-one lessons, you are invited to attend group lessons with other dogs. 


Step 3: Group lessons/group walks - Doggie U hosts weekly classes at local parks. Doggie U strives to create a community of responsible dog owners, who enjoy a social atmosphere and can go anywhere with their dogs.  This is the ultimate training environment.  We work on the points of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, which includes no jumping on people, loose leash walking, reaction to distractions, proper introduction to other dogs, etc. Group lessons are unlimited.


Step 4: Training for a life-time - What makes Doggie U unique is that our training does not end after a few weeks. You can continue to have access to Doggie U’s online lessons and group classes for the rest of your dog’s life. By signing up for the online training access, you will automatically be subscribed to Doggie U’s services until canceled. 

Meet Amy

Amy Powell, CPDT, founded Doggie U LLC in 2004. As one of the leading and innovative dog training businesses in the Harrisburg Area, Doggie U LLC, attributes its reputation to the lasting customer relationships developed throughout the years. With the belief that all customers deserve a good bond with their pooch, and that a social dog is a happy dog, Doggie U LLC, is committed to providing the training necessary to achieve just that.

Fequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to do a video conference call? 

This allows me to cover a lot of information on how the training works and prepares you for what is next in the training. During this phone call, I will discuss how to set boundaries and create value in your relationship with your dog. You will learn about the different approaches to training and why certain things work and how dogs learn. We go over specific exercises for you to get started with the training and things you will need to observe in order to provide me with feedback so I can better advise you on how to manage those behaviors. Learn how to set up your conference call here.

Can you take my dog and train it?

Certainly!  I can take your dog and your dog will do everything I ask it to do.  Unfortunately, it will still not listen to you. I need to teach you how to communicate better with your dog in order for you to have a better working relationship. Lesson #1 -- I am training you to train your dog.


I have multiple dogs that need training, how does that work?

The training is per household, not per dog.  There is also a discount for dogs who may be added to your household later on.  


What do you mean training for a lifetime?

Once a client, always a client.  You can contact me anytime with questions or for advice on how to handle things that come up with your dog.  You are welcome to attend group sessions for years, if you want.  We have field trips and other events to continue yours and your dog's social skills and education. 


I am not in central PA or I am moving. Can I still work with you?

Doggie U training goes everywhere!  If you move, I am a phone call, email or text message away.  Because I am training you to train your dog, support is provided to you no matter where you are in the US.  I have clients that have moved to other States and Doggie U still provides support, especially with the transition into a new neighborhood.


Do you use shock collars or prong collars? 

Absolutely NOT!  Both of those devices cause more problems than they solve.  We are working on developing a trust bond with your dog and getting them to want to work for you.  We work on creating value in the three motivators we have to offer dogs of praise, treats and affection.

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