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ADOPTED -- Angel is working on her demons

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Angel is a selective dog when it comes to people and other animals. She will be coming in later this month to work on her social skills in hopes of finding her furever home. More information will be forthcoming.

MARCHING ON -- Angel has been with Doggie U now for a couple of weeks. It was a rough start as she was not sure why she was here and had to let go of some major control issues. Angel is now eating her food regularly, relaxing in her crate and going potty outside. She prefers to be left to do her business outside unattended and is finally going potty on leash. She likes to chew on a bone and take treats. Angel is not reacting to the other household members or the neighbors who pass by our house. She is not reacting to the other dogs that are here in the house either. We are currently working on connection and learning to receive affection as reward.

SHOWERING us with affection. Angel is really beginning to open up and have some fun. She enjoys going on car rides to do lessons in the park with others. She is starting to play with toys as well as engage in play with me. She is not barking at any of the people in class or when she is in the car and someone is standing near the vehicle. She is very sweet and affectionate now that she is opening up to me.

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