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ADOPTED -- Aries is searching for her soulmate

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Aries is a young, female, spayed spaniel mix looking for a home that can spend a lot of time outside with her. She has a ton of energy and will need to be kept active in order to keep her happy. She is great with people of all ages and is learning out to get along with other dogs. She is not one to live in a house with small furry creatures likes cats, bunnies or hamsters. She is learning crate training and will go in but is very vocal when she has to spend too much time in there. She is great with potty training and coming when called. Currently working on patience and the basic commands of sit and down. Aries is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.

MARCH ON ...Aries is FINALLY learning to be quiet in her crate and wait her turn. She still gets along with people very well and is looking to initiate play with the other dogs here. She does great with her pottying and eats her food just fine now. She will work for a treat and knows the basic commands of sit and down. We are working Patience and Wait. She likes to play with toys or chew on a bone.

SHOWERS of PRAISE...Aries is finally learning to be quiet in the crate. She is a very vocal dog to begin with but the incessant barking has finally ceased. Once a dog learns how to get its way by pushing and demanding, it is very difficult to get them to stop the fight. Aries is also learning to just be calm and relaxed. She is a very energetic and a wild child. We have been working on standing still and some leash work.

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