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Banjo will sing you a song

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Banjo is a young neutered male Plot Hound mix in search of his furever home. He was living in a home with a single man and then moved with the man into a home with a woman and her young son. Banjo is a nervous nelly who had resource guarding issues with the couch as well as stranger danger when men other than his owner would walk onto the property. He is currently being fostered with Doggie U LLC and is available for adoption through Charlie's Crusade Rescue. Banjo is working on his social skills and learning to relax and be more open to new relationships. His ideal home right now would be as the only animal and someone who likes to walk or hike. He is ok with his people but does not care for more than one or two people as he will growl and bark at new people and does growl and bark at my teenage son. This blog is to be updated as Banjo progresses through his training and in hopes of finding him a good home that understands and can meet Banjo's needs.

FEBRUARY PUPDATE -- Banjo is now my hiking buddy. He likes to go and explore the woods and is doing well with the chance encounter of other hikers. He travels well in a car and is excited to go new places. He has really calmed down and is learning to make new acquaintances with both people and dogs.

Banjo is now going with me to Group Classes and is mixing and mingling well with others. He keeps improving his social skills and is excited about these new experiences. He also had a bath this month and did very well for that and will allow me to cut his nails without a fight. He is not thrilled about it, but is very tolerant and will allow it to happen.

MARCHing ON -- Banjo is now very excited to go out and about. He is liking this new experience and learning to make friends. He rides well in the car but is still protective of his space and would do best with an active couple. He is doing much better with the people in my house and learning to accept others out in public without reacting negatively to them. He is also learning to make doggie friends along the way.

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS in APRIL...Banjo is making great strides at coming out of his shell and finds walks to be very exciting. He is looking to learn to play with other dogs and loves to go to work with me. Banjo would like a home where you will take him hiking and expose him to new things. He is learning to use his voice, rather than mark things to assert himself. Banjo is a sweet boy with a giddy personality and he is a nice addition to the mix.

APRIL 2023 -- It has been a full year since the last post about Banjo. He is still searching to find a place to call his own. He likes to play with other dogs and is learning to be more social with people. He is crate trained, does all of his business outside, walks nicely on a leash, loves to eat his food, is a sweet and loving pup with his people. Banjo loves to go hiking and rides well in a car. He is learning to be better about the vet poking and prodding him for his yearly exam and vaccines. I can cut his nails just fine and he likes to get a bath. He needs a couple who do not have a lot of people traffic in and out of the house and who can understand what he needs to live a happy, healthy life. Contact if you are interested in learning more about Banjo.

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