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ADOPTED -- Bubba could be your bud

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Bubba needs a new home.

Check out Zoe’s House for more info:

This is an urgent request and this is not due to a fault of Bubba. He has been progressing nicely in foster care, we just ultimately need a better fit for Bubba to finalize his training. His current foster got him off to a good start.

Bubba is approximately a 2 year old neutered bull dog/boxer mix. He weighs about 80 pounds and is a short stocky lovable tank. All of us that have met him just love this boy.

Bubba is looking for a stable home who is willing to commit to providing consistent rules, training and lots of love. Just in his short time in a structured environment Bubba had SHINED. He is super smart and learns quickly. He does need a firm owner who will give him structure and continue working with him.

Bubba is housebroken, crate trained and knows to stay off furniture.

He would do best in a home with no other dogs or the ability to be able to be kept separate as they excite him too much right now. Bubba has been bounced around too much in his short life and really needs someone to commit to standing by him and ushering him into his forever home. This poor dog has been in countless homes which is part of the reason he needs to work with a trainer. We just want to help Bubba find his forever that he so desperately wants.

Bubba comes with his very own trainer who will coach you every step of the way and will provide in home training to ensure he has a smooth transition into his foster home and eventual forever home.

Bubba only asks for love, shelter, and consistency. Bubba is a quick study and has already learned patience in waiting, sit, and down. He still needs help with stay, controlled leash walking and recall.

Bubba happily goes to his crate, is not a big barker and is an overall good friend and companion. He likes being with his people and just wants to be in their company.

If you can be a confident leader, bubba will be your loyal friend for life.

The ideal home would be one without a lot of traffic so preferably an adult home (or older children) without other dogs or cats.

Please share. Bubba desperately needs this stable home. When you meet him you will understand. He is beyond special and the sweetest, smooshiest faced boy. We just want to see him succeed <3

Please message us if you think you can help Bubba so we can chat more. PLEASE SHARE!

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