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ADOPTED -- Daisy is Crazy for Love

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Daisy is about a year old, spayed female, that has been bounced around a bit and is currently being fostered by Doggie U LLC to help her land in a sweet furever home. Daisy was originally found in a dumpster at about 3 weeks of age. She is a loving dog that has some resource guarding issues. She loves people and other dogs as long as they do not touch her food. She is learning to have better self control and trust. She knows all of the basic commands and is learning how to walk nicely on a leash. Daisy would like to have a family with pre-teen/teenage children and other dogs but the family needs to understand that she has to be fed in her crate and should be in her crate before food is distributed to her and the other dogs. She is ok with treats and bones but when it comes to her main meals, she worries she will not have enough to survive as that was her experience as a dumpster dog. DU will continue to work on helping Daisy develop trust when it comes to her food. She is available through Stray Network Rescue. If interested in learning more about Daisy or applying for her, please visit their website and fill out the application.

FEBRUARY PUPDATE -- Would you be her Sweetheart? Daisy loves to play with other dogs and does well with introduction to other dogs. She is crate trained, potty trained and will work for food. She knows the basic commands of sit and down, leave it and wait, and is doing better walking on a leash...with the occasional zoomie taking place. She likes dogs, people, including kids, car rides, toys, and bones to chew. She has learned not to counter surf. We are still working on OFF and not jumping on people. She is looking for her furever home. Please spread the word for this lovely pup.

MARCHING ORDERS Daisy is out and about making friends this month. She enjoys her time on the group walks making friends. At home, Daisy is learning to share bones and toys with other dogs in the house. If you are interested in adopting Daisy, please feel free to email

Daisy found her furever home! They love her sweetness and activity. YEAH!

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