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Private In-Home Training

Specifically designed to suit your needs

Every dog is different and every situation is unique.  The goal with training by Doggie U LLC is to have a social, well-adjusted dog who can interact with people and other animals appropriately. Training curriculum is specifically designed to suit your abilities and life-style.


Remote On-Line Training

Modern technology allows Doggie U LLC to go all over the country

Phones calls, emails, videos along with Face-time and Skype allow dog training to virtually occur all over the country. An added advantage, training can continue despite the weather too.  I can explain in more detail about how this works in a free phone consultation.

Group Dog Walks

What it is all about

Doggie U LLC strives to create a community of responsible dog owners, who enjoy a social atmosphere and can go anywhere with their dogs.  Check out Doggie U LLC Facebook Page for more details and upcoming events.

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