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ADOPTED Benny is a Golden Boy

Updated: Feb 5

Benny is less than a year old, Golden Retriever/Lab mix, neutered male, up to date on his shots and is in relatively healthy condition. His only catch is that he has to stay on a special diet. He has some irritable bowel issues which means he cannot have regular treats or bones. His food is a hydrolyzed protein, and it is a prescription diet. I tried to switch him to regular food and that caused him to have accidents in his crate and other belly issues. He is crate trained and house broken. He is a little timid at first but he is learning to be more social with people and other animals. He walks fairly well on a leash and listens to basic commands. Benny would do well in a home that will take the time to work on his social skills and give him lots of attention. He would like other dogs to play with but he is laid back so the quieter, older dogs might be best for him. He is curious about cats. He does like children and wants to play and interact with them. Contact Furry Friends Network for more information or to fill out an application to adopt Benny.

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